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Eliminate pain, reduce stress, and maximize mobility with sport and manual massage techniques. All our massages are delivered by a certified massage therapist, and suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
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Address pain at the source
Expedite recovery from injuries
Optimize muscular health

Stop Letting Pain Hold You Back

Samuel Workman performs a neck massage on a patient
Unmanaged pain and tight muscles aren’t just annoying. When left untreated, they reduce your quality of life in various ways. Our practitioners learn from the best massage therapists in Colorado Springs to help you address your individual needs and prevent you from experiencing the problems below.
Physical discomfort from muscle tension stops you from doing activities you love
Chronic pain leads to lower sleep quality
Aches from poor posture become worse with time
You deserve the mobility to do what you love
whitout pain holding you back

Maximize Your Quality Of Life With Professional Massage Therapy From Postural Balance

Increase mobility, decrease pain, and discover true relaxation with a professional sports massage from Postural Balance. Our sports massage treatments blend the best of therapeutic massage and physical therapy to bring you relief that lasts.
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Live life pain-free

Discover What It Means To Live A Life Without Pain.
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Receive 50% Off Your First Session

Visiting us for the first time? We offer 50% off for your first massage. So you can determine if we’re a good fit before you fully commit.

Get exactly what you pay for

No tip? No problem. All costs are included in the price of your professional massage.

Work with an expert

A licensed massage therapist delivers every massage. We use proven compression techniques to treat your muscle pain directly at the source. All massages are performed over clothing to eliminate restrictions of draping and allow for max physical mobilization during your session.
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Samuel Workman performs a back massage on a patient in his office

Experience The Massage You’ve Been Searching For

When you get a therapeutic massage that only uses relaxation techniques, practitioners don't spend enough time on the areas that are most in need. They may be relaxing, but these massages don't always lead to great results.

At Postural Balance, we learn about you and your specific needs. Then we apply compression, stretching, and other sports massage techniques to each trigger point responsible for your pain. So you can free your body from the shackles of discomfort and get back to doing what you love.


Samuel is a tremendously skilled therapist. His intuition and knowledge of the body is beyond that of other therapists I’ve seen. As a massage therapist myself, I’m very picky with who works on me because not everybody can properly work my trouble areas like I need. Samuel is straight to the point and doesn’t BS around it.”
Manual C.
Samuel is an amazing massage therapist!! He listens closely to his clients, not only before the massage, but also during and after, to ensure that the client’s needs are being met. He can switch from one level of pressure to the next expertly, and he has a great many tools at his disposal to help any client find lasting relief! I cannot recommend Samuel highly enough!"
Ingrid D.

Get The Relief You Deserve From Licensed Massage Therapists

We're committed to excellent service. When you visit Postural Balance, treatment extends beyond massage sessions that take place in our office. Our licensed Colorado Springs massage therapists use a range of techniques from different massage styles like Shiatsu and Gua Sha. So you can maximize healing, wellness, and mobility while minimizing discomfort.
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Choose from 45-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute sessions.

Discounted pricing available for multi-massage packages.

Discover amazing techniques and exercises to keep you feeling flexible and agile at home.

Get referrals to trusted specialists if we can’t provide the support you need.

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Don't just settle for any regular massage. Revolutionize your self-care routine with a deep tissue massage Postural Balance and get 30 minutes free during your first massage. Use the calendar below to see our business hours.
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