Postural Balance

Welcome to Postural Balance, your premier destination for therapeutic massage in Colorado Springs.
Your well-being is our highest priority. From the moment you enter our office, our goal is to understand your pain and help you relieve it through targeted massage therapy.
Samuel Workman founded Postural Balance with one simple goal: helping you heal using techniques and guidance from the best massage therapists in Colorado Springs.

Samuel developed a passion for massage therapy at an early age after witnessing the transformative power of sports massages during athletic events.

After seeing the impact of massage on athletic performance, he became inspired to offer personalized massage sessions that go beyond generic treatments. So you can identify and overcome the root cause of your pain, and compete at the highest level.
Samuel Workman works with a patient to increase range of motion and mobility

Where Empathy Meets Expertise

We recognize that every athlete's goals and needs are unique.
That’s why listening is our core principle.

We take the time to understand who you are and what you wish to achieve. So our team can tailor each massage session to help you experience lasting pain relief and improved mobility.
A massage therapist works on a patient's back. The patient is face down on the massage table.

A Personalized Approach to Massage Therapy

As Colorado Springs massage therapists, continual education is key to our success – and your outcomes.
We're constantly looking for ways to offer treatment that blends the benefits of deep tissue massage and physical therapy.

Our practitioners regularly undergo treatments with massage industry experts to learn new techniques and discover how they can be applied to cases like yours.

Then, we work with you to identify the best treatment options that address your specific pain points.
Postural Balance is committed to your health beyond the time you spend on the massage table.
We also provide exercises and recommendations you can practice at home to extend the benefits of your massage sessions.
A sports massage therapist delivers a massage to a patient

Work With A Massage Therapist Committed to Your Health

At Postural Balance, we understand that you want to live an active lifestyle without muscular pain holding you back. At our locally-owned clinic, improving your health and well-being guides everything we do.

We approach every massage session as an opportunity to improve your health. Whether you need relief from stress, muscle tension, or you're looking to improve circulation and sleep quality, our therapeutic sports massage treatments are designed with your individual needs in mind.

Your Path to Wellness Begins Here

Your journey to better health begins with Postural Balance. Discover a life where pain doesn’t hold you back.

Book your first massage with us today and feel the difference a personalized, empathetic approach to massage therapy can make.